Jul. 12th, 2006

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Just sitting, thinking of my poor Bren and Wendy and being sad cause their Dad died yesterday morning. He'd had an aneurism last Wednesday polishing his new truck and had been holding on til then. Very sad.  Funeral is on Friday and thankfully I'm off that day so I can go.
Larry was a hard-drinking man, much like my own Dad and I believe that life as a child in that house was not always pleasant. You play the cards that you're dealt however and the 3 girls (something Larry was always a little bitter about) have done well in their own lives. A rough patch here and there like us all, but all pretty successful now. We can all rise above our childhoods, I guess that shows.
I'm a big believer in the 'clarity' moments in life. It goes like this:

There are moments of clarity in life. Moments that so completely fill the senses that there is no yesterday or tomorrow. Only the absolute here and now.

Really, one of my favourite sayings. Anyhow, I bring this up because when I was young, like in elementary school, Wendy was one of my best friends and Larry took us to the fair. Just a little one on the the northside by where we lived. And Wendy liked the spinning rides, which I went on even though they make me want to hurl. However, she wouldn't go on the Ferris Wheel with me. Scared of heights! I was so mad. But Larry came and the next thing we were soaring above the mall and the crowds on my favourite ride. I remember the muted sounds of kids screaming on the other rides, the smell of carny food, and the peacefulness of just sitting there pointing out things to Larry, who sat and smiled and probably thought, "This kid never shuts up." But it's something that has always stayed so clear for me, one of those moments where time stands still and you look around for a long moment to get your bearings in life. I'm sure Larry forgot about it soon after, but I've always smiled everytime I saw him, because it was a great memory for me. I know Larry had his shortcomings as a Dad but I always liked him for riding that Ferris Wheel.

So Thanks Larry, may this forever ride you're on now be everything you've ever wanted.


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