Oct. 29th, 2006

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So this is my week:

Monday: Work at both jobs. Blah
Tuesday: Work at school, meeting at lunch to discuss X-mas party as I'm on the Social Committee, then coffee with Kimi. I'm skipping the funeral of a cousin of my Mom's who died last week of cancer. I never manged to make it to visit, due to my own hang-ups of what to say to someone who's dying, he actually died the day before I was planning to go up and see him. Hello, guilt. I'm not skipping the funeral because of that though, I just don't think I can get it off due to the other times I'm taking off this month.
Wednesday: Professional Development Day, Conference on Children with Difficult Behaviours all day, then to the second job.
Thursday: Work at school then at 4pm I'm heading out of town til Sunday for Cursillo, which is a church retreat. I hope that I find it as spiritually refreshing as everyone says I will.

This means no phone, no kids, no internet, no dog, no school for 3 days. Honestly I can hardly wait. I'm so....defeated lately. I'm angry and short-tempered, and have to remind myself constantly that it's not the kids' fault that their brains don't work the way other kids' do. The only good days I had last week was when I took tranquilizers. I don't want to have to resort to that regularly again. That's just a steep, slippery road for me.

On that note, I would like to thank my friends for backing me and loving me and trying to keep me cheery. Even if it's just listening to me vent, I appreciate it  a lot. So peace and love to all of you.

Bren, Shan, Sheri, Kimi, [personal profile] dionneshea,[profile] gamma_ray00, Christine, Trac, etc.


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