Aug. 15th, 2006

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Here's a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" going out to my little fuschia hair colored sister, who's now in the last year of her twenties!!!
Hahahahahahahah( mine is an evil laugh!!!)
Famous people who share [personal profile] dionneshea's birthday are: Sir Walter Scott, T.E. Lawrence, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Princess Anne.
I hope it's a wonderful day, full of sweet desserts and calorie-free pasta.
My little sister, I still remember when she was little and was a little ray of sunshine every morning, coming into my room yelling, "Good morning, Nikki my sister, I love you!" Then I'd start throwing things from my bed, yelling, "Get out of my room, ya little...."
Those days are gone, she is no longer a morning person, or a ray of sunshine. She is however, a pretty cool young lady, more fun than I'd ever believed she would be when she was a child, and a hell of a lot more interesting. So cheers to you and I hope it's a great year for you.

I have finished my Jarhead fic, it's all posted here and at [profile] jakeslash but am starting a sequel thanks to some gentle and loving encouragement from [profile] lovehurts4ever. She had reams of ideas for a sequel. Gotta love friends like that :)

And even though I am having fun razzing Dionne about her 29th, my 36th is at the end of the week. How horrible is that?! Closer to 40 than 30, I could cry. Sigh.

Kyle called tonight, and not knowing his new number, I answered. He was okay though, seems as though he's doing better than usual. He got a promotion at work and has apparently been clean for a month. At least he doesn't try to bullshit me into believing he's always straight. Mind you, I can look at him and tell when he's been on the pipe, so it really wouldn't do any good.
I'd almost called him a couple weeks ago because I was lonely and just wanted someone to sleep over so I had someone to cuddle with, not for sex or anything. I laughed and told him this and he says, "Call, I'm always at home."
I do miss that part of him. I miss watching movies and just falling asleep in front of the TV, all warm and snug. I miss the laughing and jokes and doing stuff with his kids and mine. I miss talking while he lays with his head in my lap. I do not, however, miss the calls, him showing up at the school wasted, him lying over and over to me. So I guess it's better to keep it simple. He doesn't know where I live, and we go for a walk once every few months.
He always says, "You know, you're my best friend." And all I can think is how horrible that is, because I can barely stand to look at him most days. He's 38, and he looks 20 years older; even people who don't know him can't believe how young he is. Sad.
Oh well. It's his life.

Hair getting cut and colored tomorrow, thank goodness, whole bunch of white hair on my temples that I found today. Scary. Then my tattoo in the afternoon. It will hopefully not hurt, I'm such a big baby. LOL


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