Aug. 7th, 2006

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Jarhead pt. 9 is up on [profile] jakeslash, just down to the wire cause I realized that I promised Mantra an update today.... whew!
Thing is I've had an on-again, off-again headache for two days and I really wasn't into it earlier. Thank goodness for the Advil Liqui-gels though. I have Imitrex but I really am trying to limit my amount I take. You never know what the long term effects of those things are. They never tell you till you've been using it for 10 years.

The store....hmmm. Well. I am good at my job. That is I'm friendly, people seem to like me and I did sell quite a few things, so my bosses should be happy. However after working all weekend, I told my boss that starting in September I will only work 1day on the weekend and she can schedule me for 2 nights a week. That should be enough. I won't wear myself out after working at the school all day, yelling at teenagers.
But it was okay, and there was alot of stuff I like.

My head boss Bill, whom in an overtired and crabby moment of absolutely no thought whatsoever I flicked in the back of the arm, rather hard, likes me, so has taken to bugging me. He's not really the type, so it's pretty amusing. "Hey Nikki, what're you up to?" he paused, "Four foot nothing?" then walks off chuckling to himself. Yeah, cause I've never heard that one before. But it was funny because he is so straight and stonefaced most times.
The flicking incident was because he made a crack that the reason he'd put on a 70's hits radio station on was because given the age of the people working, he thought everyone would like it. There were 6 of us working and though I wasn't the youngest, I was second youngest and I didn't, as I told him emphatically, want to do the 'HUSTLE', which was what was playing. He made the age crack and I just reached out and flicked him. HARD. Then my immediate thought was , "Oh, what did you just do. That's your BOSS. You are SO fired!"
But he laughed and didn't say anything. It kind of bugged me though, so I apologized on the weekend. He said it didn't bother him though, so if I get canned, it won't be because I can't keep my hands to myself. There's probably a note on my file now though. "Does not play well with others..."

VBS in the mornings for the rest of the week. That'll be fun, I think, Kynan's not so sure. I have him in my group though so he'll have to participate. Ha ha!


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