Aug. 1st, 2006

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Pretty late to be posting but I had to get my pt. 7 of Jarhead up on [profile] jakeslash before I crash. Watched "Lord of War" tonight. It was pretty good. I think Nic Cage is nuts in real life, but his movies can be fairly enjoyable, and I loved the way Jared looked. So very, very, pretty......

Joined the Dave Cullen community due to some enticing from some LJ users who frequent where I frequent. If I ever figure out how to post stuff there it should be good. Actually I'm enjoying all the reading I'm doing there too. Between there and reading the previous stories of my friends at [profile] jakeslash, [community profile] brokebackslash and [profile] house_of_slash, I'm doing alot of reading. All good though.

Saw Darran at the mall today, he got a rock chip in the new SUV's windshield coming back from Waterton. Apparently it's going to cost $600 to replace. He said that that was a pretty good price. I guess a vice-principal makes a little more than I do, cause I freaked. It's a piece of glass!

I should crash though, I need to go to Costco with Bren tomorrow and pay rent too. Went with Gwen, Tracy and Shanna for supper tonight. Food was good, Streetside is always good for that, but the service sucked soooooo bad. Our drinks took 20 min. and our waitress was very dim. It was a two hour experience that we won't ever forget.


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