Jul. 22nd, 2006

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So, I like to play on youtube.com ; I make music vids for Brokeback, Star Wars, Jarhead etc, and post them. I happened to make one of Brokeback to WASP's "Sleeping in the Fire", which is a very sexy song for me. So the uproar from the metal idiots on there just blows my mind. Choice phrases: FUCK KILL YOU DIE, KICK YOUR ASS, and my personal favourite FAG LOVER.

I wrote back some scathing remarks that the buffoons probably can't even fucking read, but still. They are so into the hate homosexual thing that they just attack because I took a song that "Blackie" (cause you know they all refer to him like he's their best friend), who is their god, sings. Assholes.

Why is there so much animosity towards Brokeback. It's a movie, even I, who live for the fanfic, knows that it's just a movie, book, characters, whatever. I enjoy them thoroughly, I meet very cool people that love them too, and then I live my life. But these lynch mob homophobes can't even have a song that they like associated with it. Very annoying.

Anyone who wants to view the songs etc. My vids are posted under my youtube name "Ellcrys". Some are really good. The one that they are all up in arms about isn't one of the best,  I like "My Immortal Brokeback" better, but I don't think they care.

Anyhow, I'll be back later, I'm off to pick up my supper. Then I'm going to read some good slash and just be a "fag lover" I guess. Hee hee.


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