May. 23rd, 2006

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Thank goodness this month is almost done. 5 weeks to go! I still don't know if I have a job or not. And I'm starting to be a little tired, just a little. The long weekend was great! Had great fun at my Scottish Dancing workshop and having a superb lunch at Sheri and Dave's. (Lobster, steak, oysters, asparagus, baby tatoes and garlic bread, my system is still recovering.)

I am hoping to find out within the next week about the job situation. We'll see, I guess.
I posted my fanfic to the Firefly Glow Archive. It's called "Another Mrs. Reynolds" by Ellcrys. Check it out if you get a minute and let me know what you think. It's a first attempt so some parts are pretty sad I think. Thanks to [personal profile] dionneshea for the edit.

Talked to Aaron last night. He's calling once a month again. It's a little pricey but I love to hear from him. It's only 15 min. ($20), and it goes fast so we usually are still quickly yelling things as the phone clicks off. Oh well, I guess it's jail and you can't expect it to be pleasant.
His hick accent makes me laugh though, he doesn't even sound Canadian anymore. Mind you, he's been locked up there for 16+ years, I imagine that's enough time for an accent to happen.

I'm on week one of South Beach again. I'm just getting too portly for shorts and that's sad. Plus someone at work told me that losing weight after 40 is hard so I guess I'd better do it now. Two of the teachers at Paterson want me to get my finances in order so I can apply for a Habitat for Humanity house next year too. That would be cool, a house of my own. Nice. However, you need a good credit rating and mine is beyond sucky, so I need to pay off some shit and I have one hell of a lot of bills to begin with. In fact, I did my Microsoft Money budget and bill input yesterday because I need to start knowing where my money needs to go and the results of my financial pie chart were a little depressing. Lots of expenses. Not a lot of income.

Tori cut her hair or rather, let someone else cut it in a partial mohawk and now looks a little silly due to her inability to put it up. Aah, to be a kid again......I remember my spray painted, very large hair, truth be told it wasn't that long ago...


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