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Title: Chapter One-Strange Bedfellows

Author:[livejournal.com profile] nikki6 

Summary:The attack of the Cylons on the 12 Colonies has decimated the human race. Commander William Adama collects the survivors that he can and retreats with his Battlestar, the Fleet and surviving sons.

Nathan, the eldest, a politician who is involved with one of his father’s Lieutenants, soon becomes President of the Colonies, much to his father’s dismay. He also frees his old friend, terrorist Tom Zarek to be his Vice-President. His next son, Lee, the Fleet’s CAG, walks the thin line between duty and love when he becomes involved with Zarek. The youngest son, Peter, who is a doctor, stands in the background until he falls for a mysterious stranger and begins to have prophetic visions of their future. Using Peter’s drawings, the Fleet heads for Earth: the planet that the 13th Colony fled to in the distant past.

Meanwhile the hidden twisted alliances threaten the future of all humans.

Pairing: Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Helo, Lee/Zarek, Peter/Gabriel

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 13485

Notes: This is my first [livejournal.com profile] heroes_bigboom  ! Thanks to everyone for all their help! Thanks to [personal profile] marilla_pm67  for beta'ing.  A huge thanks to my fellow Canuck [personal profile] davincis_girl  , who did my wonderful graphics! You're fantastic, Mona!! Thank you!


“Well, that was...odd.” Zarek observed as they walked down the corridor. Lee shook his head.

“Who is that guy? Gabriel what? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Find out.” Nathan told Lee.

“Because you’re worried about Peter or because you’re jealous?” Lee countered.
There was silence then Nathan slowly turned to his brother. Lee froze at the icy coldness in his dark gaze; he’d seen that look in Nathan’s eyes before, but there was a darkness to it that was new.

“Does it matter? We need to know.” Nathan told him bitingly.

Lee shrugged. “You’re right. I’ll look into it, and let you know.”

He walked away and Zarek put a hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “Lee will find out who he is. Come on, we need to get back. We have to let the council know what happened in the morning.”

Nathan nodded and they headed to their shuttle. On the way back to Colonial One, they outlined their plans to let the council know about the drawings and to force Adama’s hand if it became necessary. Their own plans were contingent on the search for Earth, and Peter’s drawings were a definite boost in that direction.

“Your brother just solidified our position, Nathan. It’s a gift from the gods.” Zarek said quietly as he sipped a drink on the flight back.

“I know.” Nathan answered.

“So your brother is involved with someone; is that really such a bad thing?” Zarek asked. “Everyone deserves some happiness.”

“I know.” Nathan repeated.

“So what’s the problem then?”

“I just want to know a little more about this Gabriel. I don’t trust him, his eyes....” Nathan trailed off.

“You don’t trust anyone...” Zarek smiled. “Present company excluded, of course.”

“Of course.” Nathan said, his eyes meeting those of his friend. Then they both smiled.

“Seems fairly coincidental to me.” Helo observed as they lay in bed. After he’d ferried Nathan and Zarek back to the ship he and Nathan had returned to Nathan’s quarters, eaten a late supper and discussed the situation.

“You’re right. It is.”

“And strange how your vice-president comes up with this idea to unite the people under one cause and less than a week later, your brother
hands over a map he drew in his sleep to get us there.” Helo mused.

Nathan smiled. “Yes, isn’t it?”

Helo just looked at Nathan silently. Nathan Adama was no fool; all this had occurred to him way before Helo brought it up. Nathan was very seldom surprised by anyone’s actions; he thought of most outcomes before anything even happened.

The way Nathan and Zarek worked was almost frightening. They were a dream team; and as strong as the two were apart, they were unstoppable together. Helo listened when the two men went over their proposals for meetings and he was amazed at how easily the two of them could manipulate the council, and the people they represented. They had charisma and strength, and the people were automatically drawn to them, and agreed almost mindlessly to what the men proposed.

Helo hadn’t seen any inappropriate behaviour from the two. As much as they worked together, and were close, they never touched intimately. Zarek seemed to sense that Helo was watching for anything sexual between the two.

He had stopped Helo one day when leaving Nathan’s quarters for his own. Helo had just arrived when Zarek was leaving.

“Lieutenant Agathon.”

“Mr. Vice-President.” Helo inclined his head. He was polite to Tom Zarek, because the man was important to Nathan, but they would never be anything other than strangers.

“You know many years ago, on Caprica, Nathan and I were lovers...I’m sure he’s told you.”

“He has.” Helo said evenly.

“But it was a mistake, and we both knew it. Our strengths were best served by not putting useless emotion and sentimentality into our relationship, so we stopped. Well, and because Nathan was kind of a tomcat and I don’t share well with others.” Zarek laughed then smiled
at Helo. “The point is, your concern about he and I being involved is baseless. We will not ever be lovers. He is quite happy with you, and
I...have my own diversions.”

Helo looked at him with guarded eyes. “I appreciate your candor.”

“Good night, Lieutenant.” Zarek had left and Helo had found himself believing the man, somehow. He just seemed to be very honest to him, open.

Now he glanced over as Nathan stretched and moved a bit closer, letting Helo take him in his arms. “Is Zarek involved with someone?”

“I don’t know. Probably, I can’t imagine with whom though.” Nathan answered a bit absently. He didn’t really think much about Zarek’s private life, the man didn’t speak of it ever, but then Nathan never discussed his either. Zarek had commented once on how nice it was to see Nathan sleeping with the same man on a regular basis, which hadn’t been his habit when they were younger. Nathan had just shrugged and turned the conversation back to what they’d been working on before. His personal life was separate from his public one, and that’s the way he liked it.

Thomas Zarek was a complex man. He had many strong beliefs, and he didn’t lack the nerve of most politicians in exercising those beliefs, regardless of what it took. Violence was necessary, most times, and Zarek had no trouble with that either. Most leaders were frozen by indecision as soon as a little bloodshed became necessary, but Tom wasn’t one of those men. He did what he had to, as he always had. It may have backfired, getting him incarcerated for 20 years, but it also gave him political followers who trusted him to do what he had to.

He hadn’t been surprised when Nathan got him released, and got him the vice-presidency. He would’ve done the same in Nathan’s spot, though he doubted that would’ve ever been necessary. One thing he’d always envied Nathan was his ability to come out of any situation with his hands clean. It wasn’t just his family connections, though those didn’t hurt, it was the man’s forethought. Nathan would never get his hand caught in the cookie jar.

It was all within his grasp again though. The power would never be wholly his, which was a bit galling, but better to share the power with his friend, than to have none. He would never be able to take Nathan on, not now. In the past, yes, and he may have won, he had the following and he had the power then. Now the balance had shifted and 20 years had added a gap that would never be bridged again. Nathan was on the rise and Tom would be satisfied to move with him, never quite as high, never the man he could’ve been, but...it would be enough.

He rolled over onto his side, stroking the back of the body beside him. His hand slipped down, cupping the tight, muscular buttocks and then as the legs fell open almost on their own, he teased the small opening.

The man moaned and pushed back sleepily against his fingers. “Mmmm.”

Tom smiled. He had enjoyed deflowering this young man. It was a rare thing at his age, to find a virgin and take him. To see the almost glazed worship in their eyes as they peak that first time from having another man inside them. To hear the cry with those first thrusts; and then to fill them with your seed and watch as they realize that you’ve marked them forever.

Now, though, he just enjoyed having the man in his bed, which had been lonely for a long time. Coupling happened in prison, but Zarek had been segregated to keep him from agitating the other prisoners. He intended to enjoy all his freedom had to offer now.

He filled his palm with lubricant and stroked his straining manhood, then wiped the rest on the tight orifice of his panting companion. He lifted the strong leg over his hip and pushed inside him, a bit at a time, until he was flush against him.

He was rewarded with a whimper, then slowly he felt the man relax his body around his hardness. He smiled, stroking the other’s chest with his hand, and began to thrust inside him, slowly, letting the tension build. He had always liked to take his time in bed; Nathan liked wild and rough, Zarek enjoyed the slow surrender.

He kept thrusting, then slowly slid his hand down the taut stomach muscles to begin stroking the other man’s dripping cock.

“Oh...gods....” the man moaned.

Zarek smiled and kept stroking him, as his thrusts went deeper inside him. The other’s moans began to grow louder and he began to thrash in Zarek’s embrace. It was so incredibly beautiful.

“Tom...” the man suddenly tensed and Zarek’s hand was dripping as his lover’s hips jerked of their own volition.

He tightened around Tom and the older man began to thrust harder, and less than a half-dozen strokes later, he pushed deep, shuddering as he let his seed spill inside.

“Apollo...” he murmured, then he kissed the soft neck and whispered. “My lovely Lee...” as he pulled out of him and lay back.

Lee Adama rolled over to look at him and Zarek took him in his arms and they fell into an exhausted sleep in each other’s arms.

Lee was flying back to the Galactica the next day, thinking of how dangerous it was to be sleeping with Tom Zarek. If his father ever found out...

Lee had no intention of betraying his father, or the Fleet. His involvement with Zarek was personal. He didn’t necessarily trust his motives, or him and his brother’s agenda. But in Zarek’s quarters, in the bed that they shared, he trusted him implicitly.

He’d always found Zarek to be a fascinating figure, and he’d read his banned book and remembered his speeches from the rallies he’d attended with Nathan. He also remembered the zeal in which Zarek would speak about his cause when Lee would go to Nathan’s and hang out. Back then, finding Zarek in bed with Nathan had been very hard. Not because Lee liked men; he had liked Tom Zarek, had found him to be a man worthy of his respect and then to see him, entangled in Nathan’s bed, Nathan, who slept with many men, including their own brother.

When Zarek had been made vice-president, Lee had sought him out one night, wanting to really see if the same man he remembered was there. Zarek had smiled when he’d shown up at his door.

“Lee Adama. Come to arrest me?” Tom laughed.

“No, I would like to talk, if you have a moment.”

“I do.” Tom had invited him in. “Not quite like your brother’s suite, but still, much nicer than the Astral Queen.”

The quarters were smaller, but very clean and very luxurious, compared to the rest of the fleet. Lee sat down at the table and Zarek got them both drinks. “So, not a social call? I remember you playing a mean game of cards...”

“What do you hope to accomplish, being vice-president?” Lee said, ignoring the overture.

“You mean, what is my platform?” Tom was amused.

“For lack of better word, yes.”

“I just want to be a man for the people. Nathan is a good leader, but he lacks the common touch, I have that. Why do you think he asked for me? He knows his own shortcomings. He knows all the good we can do together.” Tom told him. He sat back. “Lee, our people have been decimated by the Cylons; even now they track us, trying to finish the job. The people need something to believe in, they need...hope. Nathan and I will give that to them.”

“And in the process, solidify power for yourselves.”

“Of course we will...it’s necessary for a leader to have power. The dictatorship your father would have us bow to is much worse.”

“My father...”

“Is a great military leader; but he’s not a politician, he has no idea of what to do with the civilians. We do. The people have rights, Lee, they must be addressed.” Tom paused. “But you know that. I can see it in your eyes. You don’t oppose us; you just don’t want to oppose your father.”

“I respect my father...”

“As do I. Nathan does too, believe it or not.”


Zarek laughed. “Your brother has a great deal of respect for your father, why do you think he fights so hard against him. He knows his adversary; and he might even fear him.”

“Nathan isn’t afraid of anything.” Lee argued.

“Except failure; he never did take failure very well.” Tom shook his head.

Lee didn’t disagree with that. Nathan wasn’t a good loser, ever. And he was capable of a lot when he did lose. Lee had learned when they were boys to never enjoy a win against his big brother; you always ended up paying for it later.

“You saw us...years ago.” Zarek suddenly spoke up. “Nathan and I, in bed.”

Lee nodded, his mouth suddenly dry.

“That part of our relationship is long done.” Zarek informed him. “We are better friends than lovers. And he has his young pilot...he is very taken with him.”

“And what do you have?” Lee found himself asking, his hands shaking suddenly. What did he care? What was he asking?

“I have my freedom. And I suppose I could hire some Gemenon boy to play with, but I prefer something a bit more lasting. I’m not a young man anymore, though; perhaps I should just pay for it.” Zarek smiled wryly.

“I don’t think you’d ever have to pay for anything.” Lee said.

The two men sat in silence for a long moment, then Zarek rose. He walked over to Lee’s side of the table and put his hand on the back of Lee’s neck, just resting it there lightly, and then letting it slide off. Lee felt the tingling heat of its absence and found he couldn’t look up.

“I think I’ll retire for the evening. Thank you for the visit, Lee. I always liked you the best of Nathan’s brothers.” Then he walked to his bedroom door, once he was there, he paused and seemed to consider for a long time, then he turned. “You can show yourself out, or you can join me.”

Lee sat there, shaking a bit, then rose and went to the door and locked it. Then he turned and went back to the bedroom.

Lee hovered by the door, looking at the shirtless man, leaning against his headboard, waiting. Tom slowly held out his hand, and Lee walked over, removing his shirt as he did, then his pants, before sliding into the bed. Lee felt a rush that he hadn’t felt in a long time; and for Zarek, it was the same. Lee Adama had a spectacular body, and as his fingers slid over Lee’s chest, he had to swallow hard.
Lee was shy, and unsure, two things he had never been, so Tom helped him along, moving slowly and making sure Lee was comfortable. Once their mouths met for the first time, Lee was lost, and if he was honest with himself, so was Tom. He couldn’t remember a kiss ever affecting him like that. Part of him wanted to hurry so Lee didn’t change his mind, but another part of him knew that wouldn’t happen. Lee had come here on purpose. He wanted this, just as much as the other man did.

Now, looking back, Lee admitted he had wanted Zarek 20 years ago. It had crushed him when Zarek was arrested and found guilty of the bombings. His first idol, fallen. But now that he knew the man; he was even more enthralled. He wanted to believe in Tom Zarek, and he wanted to help. But his first duty was to his father, and to the Fleet, and Lee was an Adama. Duty always came first.


On the surface of Cylon-occupied Caprica, Number 1 was watching as the human prisoners were executed. He loved to watch the executions; they gave him such a sense of purpose. Number 3 and Number 2 came up and joined him.

“We’ve had a message from Gabriel, aboard the Galactica. All is going according to plan.” Number 2 said with a satisfied smile.

“For a 13, Gabriel has remained remarkably sane.” Number 1 observed, “It’s very uplifting. I thought the whole line would have to be boxed.”

“Not all 13’s go insane.” Number 3 protested. “And they’re so kind at the beginning. It’s just after that they’re pushed that they begin to go a bit...off.”

“Which is your doing.” She snapped suddenly at Number 1.

“Mine? All I do is let nature take its course. I can’t help it that they’re minds are flawed. They are almost human in the way they deteriorate.”
He mused.

“Anyhow,” Number 2 continued, tired of the argument. “Gabriel has released Peter Adama’s gift. He is now able to prophesize in the drawings. The drawings will lead them to their 13th colony.”

“And we will be waiting.” Number 1 smiled.

Number 3 left the two and went back to the compound, then took a ship up to the basestar. Once there, she went to her quarters and gave the centurions an order. She waited impatiently and then they led another figure in.

“Why have you brought me here?” the man asked softly.

“Your model on the Galactica is doing well. I thought you would like to know.”

“It won’t last...” he said.

“Don’t say that. It will. There’s no reason it shouldn’t.”

“Except that it very seldom does. How many of me have you had to destroy? There is only a handful of my model anywhere in the universe. The rest have all been destroyed. I know that Cavill wants me boxed.”

“I won’t let that happen.” She told him soothingly.

“Just because you want it that way, doesn’t mean it will be. Face reality; I am what I am. Every species has a predator, and sometimes predators need to be destroyed.” His tone was eminently reasonable and cool.

He turned to leave and she held out her hand, his name falling from her lips. “Sylar!”

He paused, then kept walking, and her hand dropped, and she stared after him, devastated.

And aboard the Galactica, Gabriel felt Peter stir beside him, twitching and restless. His eyes opened and they were milky white. Gabriel handed him a pencil and some paper and Peter drew for the next hour. Then he dropped the pencil and returned to bed, and Gabriel looked over the papers, then joined Peter in bed.

He knew that his mission needed to take precedence now. His feelings for the human weren’t important. But there was something different about Peter Adama. He wasn’t like the rest of his family or the rest of the humans for that matter; he was sweet, and giving. He was honest.

Gabriel found himself actually enjoying the time they spent together, and the more he got to know Peter, the more attracted he was to him.
He didn’t like the idea of Peter dying, at his hands or anyone else’s. Perhaps the others would let him keep him. Peter was no threat to them, and Gabriel could keep him safe from them. He’d been surprised at the depth of Peter’s feelings for him. The other man was already protective of their relationship, and strangely easy to manipulate for him. But Gabriel didn’t want to manipulate him any longer. He wanted to be with him no matter what happened with the mission, or the war.

He slid his arms around Peter’s body and the other man obediently moved closer, nuzzling his chest and sighing. There was something about him that made Gabriel feel protective, even possessive. He’d seen the look on Nathan Adama’s face, that same look. That told him what he needed to know about the relationship between Peter and his brother.

Not that it mattered, now that Peter had chosen him over Nathan.

He felt eyes on him and looked down. Peter’s dark eyes were sleepy but concerned.

“You’re still here; I thought you might leave while I was sleeping.” Peter said softly, his hand caressing Gabriel’s back.

Gabriel smiled a bit and kissed him. “I don’t ever have to leave, not if you don’t want me to.” He finally said.

Peter smiled and burrowed closer. “Stay.” He murmured, kissing Gabriel’s chest.

“We’ll never be apart again, Peter.”

“Promise?” Peter’s dark eyes lifted and held him and Gabriel made a decision.

“I promise.” Then he bent his head and covered Peter’s mouth with his own.


“Mr. Gaeta. Spin up FTL Drives and set co-ordinates.” Adama ordered. The week it had taken to inform the Fleet of their intention to find Earth with the help of newly acquired maps had gone quickly as the ships in the Fleet readied their ships. Now it was time, and Adama was still unsure about whether this was the right thing. The people had spoken though, and Adama was bound by that decision.

Of course, with the Cylons on their asses, it’s not like they had a lot of options anyway.

“Yes, sir. Transmitting to the rest of the Fleet now.” Gaeta answered.

Adama looked to the side at his sons.

Nathan looked calm and cool, and was standing next to Helo, who had come to the bridge after shuttling the President and Vice-President to the Galactica. Lee had arrived and was standing on the other side of Zarek, and Peter was standing near the back with a tall man that Adama didn’t recognize but who kept whispering in Peter’s ear. Now wasn’t the time though, he’d find out about him later.

“System ready, Commander. “

“Jump on my mark, in 5...4...3...2...1, mark!”

And the Galactica and its Fleet jumped, beginning its journey to Earth.


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