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Title: Chapter One-Strange Bedfellows

Author:[livejournal.com profile] nikki6 

Summary:The attack of the Cylons on the 12 Colonies has decimated the human race. Commander William Adama collects the survivors that he can and retreats with his Battlestar, the Fleet and surviving sons.

Nathan, the eldest, a politician who is involved with one of his father’s Lieutenants, soon becomes President of the Colonies, much to his father’s dismay. He also frees his old friend, terrorist Tom Zarek to be his Vice-President. His next son, Lee, the Fleet’s CAG, walks the thin line between duty and love when he becomes involved with Zarek. The youngest son, Peter, who is a doctor, stands in the background until he falls for a mysterious stranger and begins to have prophetic visions of their future. Using Peter’s drawings, the Fleet heads for Earth: the planet that the 13th Colony fled to in the distant past.

Meanwhile the hidden twisted alliances threaten the future of all humans.

Pairing: Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Helo, Lee/Zarek, Peter/Gabriel

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 13485

Notes: This is my first [livejournal.com profile] heroes_bigboom  ! Thanks to everyone for all their help! Thanks to [personal profile] marilla_pm67  for beta'ing. A huge thanks to my fellow Canuck [personal profile] davincis_girl  , who did my wonderful graphics! You're fantastic, Mona!! Thank you!

When Peter awoke, he was alone and his head was pounding. He took a pain pill and tried to remember what had happened. His hand slid down between his legs and while he was very sore, he was also clean. The bed had been wiped too. A glass of water was beside him and he lay back as the medication began to dull the ache.
He closed his eyes, seeing the glittering brown eyes, the soft, unsettling smile.
His eyes opened. The man had seemed so familiar, yet not. And then as Peter realized he was due in the sickbay in an hour, and he’d better eat and get himself cleaned up, he put the man out of his mind and got moving.
But the feel of him clung to Peter, which both made him feel good, and a bit frightened.


It took Nathan less than a week to get Zarek out of jail.

It took him less than a day to get him appointed as his vice-president. The people were so shell-shocked they had trouble remembering how Zarek had attacked the legislature on Sagittaron. They were shown clips of his speeches on equality, on the common man standing up for his rights, and soon they were all clamouring for his election.

Adama watched in disgust as his son welcomed Zarek to the Council and to the government. Tigh was bit more vocal. “What a frakkin’ mess! That murdering, frakkin’ terrorist as vice-president? Can this get any worse?”

“Oh, yes.” Adama replied. “It can get much worse. Zarek may be a murderer, but he’s also a very charismatic leader. If he starts getting the people to rally to his cause again...whatever that might be now. He’s dangerous, and I wonder if my son realizes just how dangerous.”

“Zarek’s ideas weren’t wrong, Dad.” Lee said quietly from the corner where he was sitting quietly.

Adama looked at him incredulously and Lee held up his hand. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending his actions. But his ideas themselves were sound. That’s why the people were behind him. He just got tired of waiting for reform and decided to force it.” He paused. “I agree with Nathan. If Zarek hadn’t blown up the buildings, he was on his way to becoming President. He was that good.”

“Nathan never should’ve let you around Zarek.” Adama retorted.

Lee doubted his father knew how close Nathan and Tom Zarek had been, he actually doubted whether his father even knew about Nathan’s relationships with men at all. He definitely had no idea about Nathan’s ‘special’ relationship with Peter.

Lee had been young when he’d found out. Maybe 19 years old. He’d gone to the bathroom late at night, and had heard sounds from Peter’s room. He opened the door that led to it a crack and had peered inside.

Peter was kneeling on his bed, while another figure held him from behind, thumping into his 17 yr. old body, over and over. Lee was surprised and wondered if Peter needed help when his brother let out a moan and then said, “Please don’t stop...”

Lee blinked and went back to bed, confused. He’d never seen two men together, or realized that Peter liked men. He hadn’t seen the other’s face, and didn’t want to go back and check.

A few years later, he found out who the other figure had been...when he walked into Nathan’s apartment and found his brothers in bed, sleeping in the middle of the day, naked in each other’s arms. Then he knew.

After that, he saw how Nathan was different with Peter, and how Peter’s hero-worship of Nathan was more than it seemed. Yet, while Peter seemed to be always single, Nathan continued to see other men. Zarek for one; and there were others. When Lee heard about Karl Agathon and his brother he just sighed. He liked Helo, and he thought he deserved better than to be a toy for Nathan, but surprisingly, Nathan didn’t discard Helo, it seemed he really liked him.

And still Peter was alone.

When he’d been reunited with his brothers he could tell that Nathan had just had Peter again. And the ways that Peter’s eyes followed Nathan, while Nathan didn’t even notice anything but his own selfish ambitions, made Lee angry. He hated to see Peter get used that way.
Then Nathan reconnected with Helo and Lee knew damn well he hadn’t been back on the ship since. And Peter was on his own again. At times like this, Lee really hated his eldest brother.

Peter was restless. He had finished his shift and had eaten, but now, sitting in his quarters, he felt as though he should be doing something. Like finding his mystery man.

He had asked a few people around if they knew a tall guy named Gabriel, but no one knew who he was talking about. Lee had spent dinner with him, and even he didn’t have any ideas. “I don’t think he’s a pilot.” Lee told him.

Peter shrugged. “It’s okay, I’ll figure it out I’m sure.”

“Why did you want to find him?” Lee asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing important.” Peter shrugged. “How’s the Fleet doing, in general?”

“We’ve had to jump, a lot, to avoid the Cylons; and I know the Old Man is trying to find something or somewhere for us to go. Nathan’s been pushing this finding Earth, where the 13th Colony went.”

“Nathan has?” Peter was surprised; Nathan wasn’t given much to fairy tales.

“I don’t think it was Nathan’s idea, to tell you the honest truth. I think it was Zarek’s.” Lee told him.

“You think Zarek is dangerous to Nathan?” Peter asked.

Lee thought for a moment then said. “I think Zarek is dangerous. End of story. But...so is Nathan. And I really don’t trust either of them.”


“No, Peter, I don’t. And if you were smart, you wouldn’t either.”

Now as Peter paced his quarters, he thought of Lee’s warning. Nathan wasn’t dangerous, he was just...Nathan.

There was a tap at his door and he opened it. The tall figure standing there had the same lopsided smile. “Hello Peter.”

“Gabriel.” Peter’s voice was careful.

“I thought I’d come see if you wanted some...company.”

Peter was about to say no when Gabriel’s hand reached out and he traced Peter’s lips lightly with one finger. Peter felt a flush go through him and he just nodded. Gabriel walked in and closed the door behind him, locking it.

His mouth was on Peter’s instantly and Peter was clawing at Gabriel’s clothes, then his own. Soon he was bent over the bed again, his throat hoarse from begging. Gabriel slammed inside him and Peter gave himself over to it, the pain, the pleasure and the feeling of oneness that he felt with this stranger.

Peter awoke with a start. He was sitting at his table, naked, and in front of him were 5 or 6 pieces of paper that had drawings on them. The pencil was in his hand, but it wasn’t really something he could imagine he drew. Peter had never been an artist and these were good.

They showed simple star charts, and seemed to be in order. They also seemed, strangely familiar.

Peter looked around. Gabriel was gone again, but Peter’s body told him it had been a long night. He slowly returned to bed, closing his eyes and dozing. He would show the pictures to Lee later. Maybe Lee would be able to recognize them.

“Peter, this is important, where did you get these?” his father said again.

“I told you, I drew them in my sleep.” Peter repeated, glancing around worriedly at everyone around him. Lee looked a bit freaked out and

Nathan was looking at Peter sceptically. Zarek looked thoughtful, Tigh disbelieving.

His father just looked amazed.

“Is someone going to tell me what they are?” Peter asked for the 3rd time. As soon as he’d shown the pictures to Lee, his brother had insisted on showing their father and Tigh, and Nathan.

“They’re star charts.” Lee told him slowly.

“I’m not a frakking idiot, Lee! I know they’re star charts! Of what?” Peter snapped.

“The way to Earth.” Zarek said softly.

Peter looked at the man. “Yeah, right.”

“Show him.” Adama said slowly. Lee pulled out a very old book and opened it. It was the story of the 13th Colony, and it had a star chart in the middle, but it wasn’t the same, the one in the book was smaller and was missing sections.

Peter’s was complete.

“Tell us again, what happened?” Adama repeated.

“I went to sleep; I woke up, a pencil in my hand, sitting at the table, with these in front of me.” Peter repeated.

“You were alone?” Zarek asked.

Peter looked at him defensively. “Yes.”

It wasn’t really a lie. He’d been alone when he woke up. He had no intention of telling this group about Gabriel being there before hand. Especially since he’d have to explain to his father how he was frakking a man he didn’t even know.

Zarek didn’t say anything; he just smiled as though he knew something that no one else did. “Have you ever had this happen before?”


“Prophetic trances...” Zarek asked bluntly.

“No. And I don’t think this...maybe I just saw it when I was younger and it just came out now because we’ve been talking about it...” Peter was grasping at straws and he knew it, but he didn’t believe that this had anything to do with prophecies or seeing the future. It scared him and he just gestured to the papers. “Take them, do whatever you want with them. I want no part of them.”

“Peter...” Lee began protesting, but Peter backed up and headed for the door.

“I’ll leave you big, important men to make the decisions.” He threw over his shoulder. “The simple doctor would like to get back to work.”


“Use them.” Zarek told Adama.

“Who the frak do you think you’re talking to?” Adama snapped.

“The commander of the fleet. Who the frak do you think YOU’RE talking to?” Zarek asked mildly.

“Someone who has an agenda that has nothing to do with anyone but himself.”

Zarek smiled. “We had no idea of where to start; now we do. We can follow Peter’s star charts, which, by the way, begin 2 jumps away from here. He’s your son, Commander. You don’t trust your own son?”

“My sons,” Adama growled looking at Nathan, “haven’t always inspired trust.”

Nathan laughed. “Peter? Come on. Out of the 3 of us, I’m pretty sure you would trust him the most. Lee could go off half-cocked if he believed in something; you’ve never trusted me, but Peter?”

Adama knew that Nathan was right. His second son was not a liar, or a manipulator. He was the quiet one, the doctor. The sensitive one who always was spoken of as an afterthought by most, but who was probably the most dependable of any of them. Peter wouldn’t have made this up.

But where had he gotten these?

Peter sat in his quarters, stewing. He didn’t understand any of this; didn’t understand how he was the one to draw the charts, or where the idea had even come from. He wanted to ask Gabriel, but he had no idea of how to find the man, or even if he could. When Gabriel wasn’t here, Peter’s head was much clearer and he knew how mysterious and odd this whole situation was. Who was Gabriel, why did he always disappear, and what did he want with him?

He put his head in his hands and sighed. He would go to sickbay, then come back and try to get it clear in his head.

He was waiting for him after his shift, leaning against the wall in the corridor. “Hello, Peter.” He said with a smile.

“Gabriel.” Peter tried to ignore the shiver than went through his body at the sight of the tall man.

“I thought we might have dinner, be a little more sociable than usual.”

“Okay.” Peter agreed. He needed answers.

Gabriel led the way to the mess. They sat and ordered some food then Peter looked at him, almost accusingly. “Where did you go?”

“Back to my own quarters, I wasn’t sure if you would want company when you woke up. Or whether you were concerned about appearances.” Gabriel answered smoothly.

“Did you see the pictures?”

“Pictures?” Gabriel asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I woke up at my table, and I’d drawn star charts. You know nothing about that?” Peter demanded.

“No. You were sleeping when I left.”

Peter looked away, he knew Gabriel was lying to him, he could sense it. The other man began to laugh. “Oh Peter, you are a man of many talents. The truth then: I did see you draw, but I wanted you to accept your gift on your own, without interfering. What did your father say?”

“How do you know I showed them to my father? And what ‘gift’ are you talking about?” Peter snapped.

“I know you showed them to your father because the first thing you would’ve done is to show them to your brother, Lee. He would’ve taken
them to your father.” Gabriel said patiently. “And the gift is the one of prophecy. You will be the prophet of our journey, Peter Adama.”

“You’re insane.” Peter looked at Gabriel, almost frightened. “I’m no one, I’m a doctor, I’m not a prophet, I just...”

“Just drew star charts that showed the way to Earth!” Gabriel smiled. “Peter...you’re showing us the way.”

“How did you know they were to Earth?” Peter asked suspiciously.

“Because I am an avid believer of the 13th Colony. I’ve memorized that story since I was a child. I recognized the first solar system you drew,
but when you kept going...Peter, it was amazing to watch.”

“Then you left. What if I’d destroyed them?”
“You wouldn’t have. You aren’t a destroyer, you’re a healer.” Gabriel said with a strange smile.

“And what are you?” Peter asked slowly.

Gabriel’s hand slid across the table and he let it brush over Peter’s lightly. “I’m yours, Peter...I thought you knew that.” He said with a smile.

“What do you think?” Nathan asked his vice-president as they headed to the launch bay for their return to Colonial One.

“I think that your father will have to at least try to use the star charts. If he doesn’t, we’ll let public opinion persuade him, which I know you already threatened before we left. It is frightening how much we think alike sometimes, Nathan.”

Nathan smiled and shrugged. “Why Peter? It seems so...odd.”

“Ask him. Maybe he knows more than he’s saying.” Zarek told him.

“He would’ve told me if this had happened before. He looked scared and confused.” Nathan said seriously.

“Let’s go ask him then. He should be off shift by now.” Zarek told him. Nathan nodded and they turned and headed for Peter’s quarters. They met Lee on the way. “Going to go see Peter?” he asked.

“Just want to make sure he’s okay. He seemed pretty upset.” Nathan answered.

They got to the door and knocked, but there was no answer. Nathan put in the code for the door and opened it, and they all stepped inside. Nathan froze and Lee did too. Zarek just looked on, amused.

Peter was naked, straddling a tall, dark-haired man on his bed. He was obviously riding him, and the sounds he was making made Lee blush. Nathan’s face was stone.

The man looked at them and slid his hands up to stop Peter’s movements. “Peter...” he nodded to the visitors. Peter turned and pushed his hair from his eyes.

“Nathan! Lee! What the frak are you doing? Get out of my quarters!” he yelled angrily.

“We had some questions...” Lee began as he backed up. Nathan just stood there.

“Who’s your friend, Peter?” he asked evenly.

“None of your frakking business! Go back to your pilot, or your vice-president there, or whoever it is you’re frakking these days.” Peter spat.
Nathan noticed how the other man’s hand was sliding up and down Peter’s thigh, caressing him, calming him. “Peter...its fine.”

“No, it’s not! They have no business barging in here!”

“President Adama, Captain, Vice-President Zarek, my name is Gabriel. I’m Peter’s...friend.” he told them softly.

“This is who you were looking for?” Lee blurted.

“You were looking for me? That’s sweet, Peter.” Gabriel smiled at him, then looked at the other men, “But as you can see, he’s found me, and he’ll never have to look for me again.”

Peter looked at Gabriel, almost adoringly, then looked at his brothers. “Please leave.”

“We need to talk about your pictures, Peter.” Nathan said stonily.

“Not now!” Peter retorted, “Get out!”

The men left and Gabriel looked thoughtful. “What?” Peter asked, his hand tracing Gabriel’s cheek.

“I just find it fascinating how suddenly they’re interested in what you think. From what you’ve said, you were always the follower, now you’re suddenly ‘special’, like your brothers have always been seen as. Maybe they’re jealous. Maybe they liked you being in the background...” Gabriel smiled up at Peter and then slid back inside his body, making Peter jerk and whimper.

“Don’t worry Peter...” Gabriel whispered as he began to push up inside Peter over and over. “You’ll never be in the background again.”

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