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Title: Chapter One-Strange Bedfellows

Author: [livejournal.com profile] nikki6

Summary:The attack of the Cylons on the 12 Colonies has decimated the human race. Commander William Adama collects the survivors that he can and retreats with his Battlestar, the Fleet and surviving sons. Nathan, the eldest, a politician who is involved with one of his father’s Lieutenants, soon becomes President of the Colonies, much to his father’s dismay. He also frees his old friend, terrorist Tom Zarek to be his Vice-President. His next son, Lee, the Fleet’s CAG, walks the thin line between duty and love when he becomes involved with Zarek. The youngest son, Peter, who is a doctor, stands in the background until he falls for a mysterious stranger and begins to have prophetic visions of their future. Using Peter’s drawings, the Fleet heads for Earth: the planet that the 13th Colony fled to in the distant past.
Meanwhile the hidden twisted alliances threaten the future of all humans.

Pairing: Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Helo, Lee/Zarek, Peter/Gabriel

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 13485

Notes: This is my first [livejournal.com profile] heroes_bigboom ! Thanks to everyone for all their help! Thanks to [personal profile] marilla_pm67  for beta'ing.  A huge thanks to my fellow Canuck [personal profile] davincis_girl , who did my wonderful graphics! You're fantastic, Mona!! Thank you!

Nathan boarded the raptor in the landing bay and the doors closed and he strapped himself in. He couldn’t see the pilot, but he smiled. He knew exactly who it was.

Once they were free of Galactica he rose from his seat and went to the cockpit.

“I’m glad to see you...” he said softly.

“Are you?” Helo asked tightly.

“Don’t be a fool. Of course I am.” Nathan frowned. “I didn’t know where you were, I knew you’d left Caprica, but...” he paused. “Did you know where I was? Did you care?”

“I went back...I flew back, your home was destroyed, and I thought you...” Helo admitted with difficulty.

Nathan smiled and reached a hand out, stroking the strong arm. “Of course you did. I should’ve known... thank you.”

“For what? You weren’t there, and I didn’t know where you’d gone...”

“But you tried, which is more than my father did.” Nathan told him.

He sat in the other chair and sighed almost happily. “But now we’re both here...and nothing has to change.”

Helo didn’t say anything, and Nathan raised an eyebrow. “Does it?”

“I’ve volunteered to go back, search for survivors.” Helo told him.

“Tell him you changed your mind.” Nathan’s tone was firm.

“I can’t. I want to go. I need to make sure...”

“I forbid it!”

Helo looked at him and a small smile appeared as he looked forward again. “You can’t, Nathan...but I like that you want to.”

“I won’t lose you again.” Nathan snapped.

“Again? I wasn’t aware that you’d lost me at all.”

The ship bucked a bit and Helo frowned. “We’re having some problems. One of our engines is failing. Sit back; this could be a bumpy landing.”

It was, but once they’d landed, the mechanic on Colonial One said he’d look at it. Helo called back to Galactica, reporting he’d be back the next day.

He was directed to the President’s quarters and when the door opened to admit him, he whistled. One thing about Nathan, he always landed on his feet. The President’s quarters were the most luxurious in the fleet he was willing to bet. He walked in and Nathan turned from where he was pouring himself a drink.

“I guess we get to share some time together after all.” He smiled a bit.

“I guess so.”

Nathan poured him a drink and passed it to him and Helo tried to ignore the pleasant electric shock that went through him as their fingers touched. It was always that way with Nathan. The man looked up into his eyes, and Helo saw the bit of indecision, the slightly less than confident look that told him that Nathan wanted him, but wasn’t sure if Helo wanted him. That bit of human weakness was Helo’s downfall, because it was only with him that Nathan ever showed that he was anything less than assured, anything other than perfect. He reached for Nathan and pulled him into his arms.

When he’d first met the Caprican representative he was ferrying the Council from Gemenon to Caprica. There had been noises about terrorist activities and the Council had requested Colonial transportation and Helo was the lucky pilot.

The Council had boarded the ship, their eyes had met and after he’d landed, and the delegates had disembarked, he’d gone to check the ship’s systems and found Nathan still seated in his chair, reading.

“We’re here...Mr. Adama.”

“I know. I’ve been waiting.” Nathan didn’t even look up from his book.

Helo’s mouth went dry. “Waiting for what?” he asked.

“You, of course.” Nathan answered in a brisk tone. He looked up at him and smiled, and it was such a confident, open smile. Very unlike any of the other pictures he’d ever seen of the man. Those were public smiles. This...wasn’t.

“Me.” Helo repeated.

Nathan stood and looked up at the pilot. He glanced at his uniform and his hand traced it lightly, but from the quick breath the man took, he may as well have poked him with a stick.

“Helo...” he read softly. Then his dark eyes met that of the pilot’s and he smiled again.

Helo’s hands came up of their own volition and slid to cup the strong jaw of the man in front of him. He bent his head and their lips met. It wasn’t a romantic kiss, that first one. Those came later. Their first kiss was harsh, almost brutal.

They devoured each other and Nathan took him, right there, in the raptor, on the floor. Then Helo took him, holding him up against the airlock doors, pressing his body into the metal.

Later, when they’d left and gone to Nathan’s and had enjoyed each other again; Helo lay awake, Nathan sleeping peacefully beside him. It was only then that Karl Agathon realized that he’d just coupled with one of the most powerful men in the Colonies. A man that could destroy other men, and had on numerous occasions done just that.

When they were together though, he was just...Nathan. He only became someone else afterwards. Helo grew to love Nathan; but he’d never cared much for the Representative for Caprica... and now, lying in the bed of the President of the Colonies, he was pretty frakkin’ sure he wasn’t going to care much for him either.


Peter had just spent the last 12 hours in sickbay, he was tired and needed to eat and get some rest. When he got to his room, Lee was waiting for him. He’d brought food, which was great but Peter didn’t like the look on his face.

“What is it?” he asked as he ate. “You look like someone just shot your dog.”


“What about him?”Peter replied evenly.

“Did you know what he was planning?”

“Of course not; but I don’t think he’s wrong either. We need a leader, Nathan is a good leader.” Peter said firmly.

“He’s sure as frak not a follower.”

“Lee...he’s your brother; try to...try to see past his attitude to the man inside. You never have, you know, you always just see his actions and judge him. You don’t ask why he does the things he does.”

“Because he’s a selfish bastard?”

Peter smiled. “He can be. He’s also capable of a lot more, and you know it.”

“You’re a bit biased, I think.”

“Right back at you, Lee.” Peter smiled. “So are you. And so is our father.”

“He’s not the god you make him out to be, Peter.” Lee said, rising. He walked to the door but stopped as Peter spoke quietly.

“And he’s not the monster you make him out to be either.”

Nathan was looking at the ships comprising the fleet. He pointed to another ship. “This one is huge, how many people on it?” he questioned his aide.


“On a ship that size?” Nathan exclaimed. “We need to transfer some people from the more overcrowded ships to this one.

“I don’t think that will be possible, sir.”

“Why not?”

“The ship is a prison barge from Sagittaron. It was heading to Caprica so the prisoners could go to their parole hearings. There are some dangerous people on that ship, sir.”

“Do we have a list of names?” Nathan asked suddenly, his heart beating a bit faster.

“Yes, sir.” He handed a printout to Nathan, who began scanning the registry. He skipped to the last page and found what he was looking for, his finger just frozen on the page for a moment. He smiled for a moment, then took a pen and circled a number on the paper. “I want to see this prisoner. Arrange a flight to the barge and have this man waiting for me.”

“Yes, sir. That number is flagged as extremely dangerous sir...are you sure you have the right prisoner?”

Nathan smiled. “Yes, I’m sure. Just do what I asked you to.”

When Nathan got to the holding cell of the Astral Queen, the prisoner was there, his head down as he inspected his hands. Nathan ordered the guards to wait outside and went in. He closed the door and heard it lock, then walked up to sit across from the man. His head lifted and he suddenly smiled.

“President Adama.” He inclined his head, “I wondered who had enough clout and balls to come see me.”
Nathan leaned forward and looked at the man. He was older now, his face lined, gray strands in is hair, but he was still quietly charismatic, and had a presence that few men had; but it was still him, after all these years...

“How long has it been?” Nathan asked.

“20 years, give or take.”

Nathan shook his head, suddenly feeling old and the man looked him over. “You were much younger then...”

“So were you.” Nathan replied dryly. In truth there was 10 years between the men but the last time Nathan had seen him, he’d been 24 to the other’s 34. Very young and very...different.

“I imagine your father is thrilled to have you as President.”

“You know it.” Nathan laughed. “Kicked me off his ship in no time flat, threatened to take his military and leave the civilians to fend for themselves.”

“He was bluffing.”

“Of course he was.”

“Who is your vice-president?” the man asked, stretching in his chair.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, old friend.” Nathan leaned forward and the man smiled that charming smile at him and they began to speak, low and quiet.

“He’s where?” thundered Adama into the comm. in the CIC.

“He’s visiting a prisoner on the Astral Queen.” The aide squeaked, “He cannot be reached right now.”

“Whom is he visiting?” Adama’s voice was almost a growl.

The aide gave the prisoner number and Gaeta plugged it into the database. He blinked and looked again. He turned slowly to the Commander.

“Who is it?” Adama demanded.

“Tom Zarek, sir.” Gaeta almost whispered, his face white.

“Zarek? What the frak is he doing in the Fleet?” Tigh shouted.

“The Astral Queen was heading to Caprica with the prisoners when the attack occurred.” Gaeta answered softly.

“Why would he be visiting a monster like Zarek?” Tigh muttered to Adama.

“Because Zarek, before he was caught and tried for terrorism, was one of Nathan’s closest friends.” Adama answered, remembering how many times he’d stopped by Nathan’s apartment to find Tom Zarek there as well. Before he was caught the two had been almost inseparable. When Zarek was tried and sentenced, Adama had pulled strings to make sure that Nathan would be unable to see the man again.

“Send Apollo to the Astral Queen. Escort the President back here, immediately. If he resists, arrest him.” Adama snapped.

“Yes sir.”

Lee walked into the holding room to find his brother embracing the most infamous terrorist the Colonies had known for centuries. He cleared his throat.

“Mr. President. Commander Adama wishes to see you, on the Galactica, immediately.” he said formally.

The men broke apart and Zarek looked at Lee with a smile. “Lee Adama, all grown up now...”

“A chip off the old block.” Nathan commented.

Lee’s face flushed. “If you do not accompany me of your own free will, I am ordered to arrest you, Mr. President.”

“Go.” Zarek told Nathan softly, his hand on Nathan’s arm. “We will speak again, soon.”

Nathan nodded and gestured to Lee. “After you, Captain.”

“What the frak are you planning? Tom Zarek is a terrorist and a killer!” Adama shouted at his eldest son. “The President of the Colonies,” he began mockingly, “has no business speaking to such a man!”

“I want Zarek released. I want him to be transferred to my ship. And I want a work program set up for the other prisoners, help them work towards their freedom and benefit the ship at the same time. The Astral Queen is huge, and it could help our housing problem immensely. We need to utilize all the ships we have, Commander.”

“Not a frakking chance.” Lee piped up from behind Nathan.

“I’m holding elections right now for representatives for a new Quorum of 12. Once we convene, I will put it forward to them. And if they agree, it will be your duty to obey the will of the people.” Nathan smiled at his father and bowed from the neck.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a council to build. Father. Lee.” Nathan left and Lee turned to his father.

“He can’t...”

“He can. He will fill that Quorum full of men who he owns. Then he will pass whatever he wants. And when he has that monster by his side...Lords help us.” Adama finished.

Lee remembered Zarek as a charming, intelligent friend of his brother’s. He never treated Lee the way that Nathan did. Lee was shocked when he found out how the man had orchestrated the attacks. And today, when he had seen the man briefly again, he had trouble seeing him a cold-blooded killer. He saw the man who let him sit in on pyramid games with them. Who snuck him liquor when Nathan wasn’t looking. He still saw the man whose speeches on equality had made him jump to his feet and cheer.

He still saw the man who he’d found sleeping in his brother’s bed.

In his brother’s arms.

Helo glanced at Nathan as the man poured them some more bootleg liquor to go with their dinner. “So, Zarek...what are
you planning, Nathan?”

“I need a strong vice-president.” Nathan answered evenly.

“Zarek? He’s a terrorist.” Helo exclaimed.

“He’s an intelligent, strong leader who made a mistake. If he hadn’t done that, he could’ve been President. He was a natural leader, very charismatic, and a man for the people first.” Nathan told his young lover.

“You were lovers.” It wasn’t a question.


“And when he’s out again?”

Nathan looked across the table and his dark eyes were suddenly open and somewhat less than confident, as though he was afraid of what Helo would do next.

“You are my only companion, and that will not change.” Nathan told him firmly and honestly.

Helo’s eyes were cool and he looked away then back. “I guess we’ll see.”


“If,” Helo broke in, his voice cold. “...you decide to renew your personal relationship with this man to that level, I will leave you. I look the other way for a lot of your machinations and plots but I will not play second fiddle to a terrorist, I promise you.”

“You won’t. Ever.” Nathan reached across and slid his hand over Helo’s. “I swear.”


Peter lay on his bunk and sighed. Ever since Nathan had left, he had been lonely. His father was always busy and Peter had never been totally comfortable bothering him for something as simple as company. He worked his shifts in sickbay and ate in the mess or in his cabin. He was sitting in the mess when he heard Starbuck sitting at the next table, speaking loud and drunkenly.

“Helo’s on another personal shuttle mission again. Acting like a taxi for our new President! Helo needs a frakking kick in the head; he’s better than this.”

“Than what?” another pilot asked.

“Than being a frakkin’ whore for the President.”

“What are you saying...”

“Oh yeah, didn’t you know. Helo and our new President were involved back on Caprica. That was why Helo almost died
there, he went back to try and find him. Now the President keeps requesting him as a pilot and Helo finds it easier to sleep there. Frakkin’ idiot. Always thinking with his....”

“Heart?” someone volunteered.

“Cock.” Starbuck corrected, and then she shook her head.

Peter felt sick inside. No wonder he never heard from Nathan. He’d found his pilot, the one he’d been seeing before, leaving Peter alone, again.

Fuming, the man rose and left the mess, going down to the makeshift bar in the bowels of the ship. He sat down and the man began pouring, and Peter made a choice to get very, very drunk.

Getting drunk didn’t take very long.

Peter had no tolerance for alcohol, he never had. He was only on his fourth drink when he swayed a bit on his chair and a man passing by steadied him. Peter glanced up into light brown, intelligent and very amused eyes. The man had a slight smile on his lips. “Had a bit too much there, doctor?” his voice was smooth.

“Maybe.” Peter answered belligerently. “What’s it to you?”

“Nothing as long as you don’t fall on your ass.” The man answered.

“Who the frak are you?” Peter demanded. “How do you know who I am?”

“Give me break, Doctor Adama, how could I not know who you are? Son of William Adama, brother of our President, and brother of the Fleet’s CAG?” the man grinned. “Come on; let me help you back to your quarters.”

The walk back was very unsteady. Peter hadn’t taken into consideration the higher purity of bootleg liquor. He could barely stand. The man half-walked, half-carried him to his quarters. Once there, he helped him off with his shirt and boots and laid him down on the bed. “There, can I get you anything else?”

Peter touched the handsome, almost predatory face and with his other hand, traced the man’s chest. He didn’t say anything; he just...looked up with those puppy dog eyes. The man smiled and if he’d been a little more sober, the smile might have given Peter pause.

It was a very dark smile.

The man removed his clothes, then pulled Peter’s pants off and half pulled him off the bed, turning him onto his stomach and spreading his legs as they hung over the side. His fingers breached Peter first, making him moan as they twisted inside him. His legs spread wider. He wanted this so much. Needed it so much. Frak Nathan and his pilot, frak always being the one left alone.

“Please...” he moaned.

The man moved between his legs and Peter felt his long hard cock enter him, no easing, no gentleness. He just kept pushing firmly inside him, filling him, until Peter felt his body flush against his ass.

“Aaaah...” Peter shuddered at the feel of the man.
“Is this you want, Peter? To let someone use your body, like some painted Gemenon whore? To frak you into the bed until you can’t walk?” the man whispered in his ear. “To feel alive...”

Peter almost sobbed. “Yes!”

“Fine.” The man said, no-nonsense once again. He gripped Peter’s hips and began to thrust, pulling almost all the way out, then back in again. Peter felt every inch of him, in and out and he writhed under the man, moaning like the whore the man accused him of wanting to be. Begging for more.

The man used him, holding him down, letting Peter feel his cock pulse inside him, as Peter’s own seed soaked the bed underneath him. Then he rose, grabbing a drink, leaving Peter in the same position. Peter lost consciousness, only to wake to find the man using him again, and soon he was crying out as he climaxed, then he was just a rag doll, his body shaking under the man as he kept going until finally he thrust deep and Peter felt him bathe his insides again.

“Now you’re mine...” the man whispered in Peter’s ear.

“Who are you?” Peter managed to ask, his head was so foggy. The man had pulled out and Peter hated the emptiness inside him. He wanted to be filled again.

“Who are you?” Peter repeated, terrified that he’d never know.

The man picked Peter up, sliding his legs onto the bed and covering him with a blanket. His smile was soft.

“My name is Gabriel. Now go to sleep Peter Adama.”

And as Peter’s eyes closed, the last thing he saw was those brown eyes, and that smile.

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