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Title: Chapter One-Strange Bedfellows

Author: [livejournal.com profile] nikki6

Summary:The attack of the Cylons on the 12 Colonies has decimated the human race. Commander William Adama collects the survivors that he can and retreats with his Battlestar, the Fleet and surviving sons.

Nathan, the eldest, a politician who is involved with one of his father’s Lieutenants, soon becomes President of the Colonies, much to his father’s dismay. He also frees his old friend, terrorist Tom Zarek to be his Vice-President. His next son, Lee, the Fleet’s CAG, walks the thin line between duty and love when he becomes involved with Zarek. The youngest son, Peter, who is a doctor, stands in the background until he falls for a mysterious stranger and begins to have prophetic visions of their future. Using Peter’s drawings, the Fleet heads for Earth: the planet that the 13th Colony fled to in the distant past.

Meanwhile the hidden twisted alliances threaten the future of all humans.

Pairing: Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Helo, Lee/Zarek, Peter/Gabriel

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 13485

Notes: This is my first [livejournal.com profile] heroes_bigboom ! Thanks to everyone for all their help! Thanks to [personal profile] marilla_pm67  for beta'ing.  A huge thanks to my fellow Canuck [personal profile] davincis_girl , who did my wonderful graphics! You're fantastic, Mona!! Thank you!

Caprica City Hall was an award-winning monument, its towers reaching up to the blue sky above. And at the moment it was filled with people, and the sound was a constant hum. The opening of the new building that had been added onto the mammoth structure: The Joseph Adama Law Library.

“Commander Adama, will you please pose for a picture with your sons?” the reporter asked with a smile. It wasn’t exactly part of the deal, but it also was very seldom that the Adama men were all in the same place these days. However, a law library named after their grandfather had brought them together. This was a photo op not to be missed.

The Commander sighed but nodded. He called his sons over and they all ranged around him, the two older ones in the back, the younger ones up front. The photographer shot the picture and it became one of the most sought after pictures on Caprica. Especially after the youngest son crashed his viper during his final test at the academy one month later and Adama was left with 3 sons. A copy sat on the Commander’s desk in his quarters on the Galactica. A reminder of a time when his often volatile family was together and happy; and speaking to each other.

The caption under the article spoke of his sons. “Eldest son, Caprican Representative Nathan Adama is the youngest member of the Quorum of 12. Lee Adama, the next son, is a captain in the Colonial Fleet; Peter Adama is a doctor in Caprica City, and the youngest, Zak Adama is training to be a viper pilot. All are fine men and a credit to their illustrious father.”

Illustrious father; what a laugh. Couldn’t even keep them all alive, and during the Fall he’d almost lost all of them. But he needed them now. Needed them to be the leaders and men they were meant to be.


It was chaos after the Fall of the Colonies. William Adama, Commander of the Battlestar Galactica, was on the run, bringing with him as many of the survivors as he could. The Colonies were in flames, and the Cylons, the cybernetic enemies that they themselves had created, were the victors.

Lee had been with him on the ship. Adama assumed that Nathan would escape with the rest of the Quorum of 12. But Nathan gave up his place on the Quorum shuttle to return to the heart of the battle to find Peter. He’d located him at a temporary shelter, trying to administer to the wounded, most of who were beyond any help he could give. Nathan had forcibly removed him, making sure that Peter had a very well-stocked medkit with him, and they’d headed out of the city, away from the radiation, which Peter began treating them both for, though he still refused to speak to his oldest brother. Peter’s nature, which was one of sacrifice and compassion, believed his place was with the people who needed him. Nathan, to whom sacrifice and compassion were alien concepts, wasn’t going anywhere without his baby brother.

They finally found a ship, and bought their way on, using Nathan’s considerable wealth. The man didn’t care. Their money would be worthless now, though he didn’t bother pointing that out to the money-grubber that smiled gleefully at all the credits that Nathan poured into his hand. They left Caprica’s atmosphere and headed off to join what was left of the human race. When they had reached the fleet, Nathan sent one message. To Galactica’s CIC, telling their father that they were alive and giving him the name of their vessel. They were immediately directed to land on Galactica, which made the other passengers very happy to have Nathan and Peter on-board.

They were greeted on the deck by the Commander himself. He hugged Peter close, kissing his cheek. He turned to Nathan and the cool eyes of his son gave him pause. Nathan put out his hand and William reached out to shake it.

“I thought I’d lost the two of you.” The Commander said his rough voice a bit more gravelly than usual.

“Almost.” Nathan observed.

“When you weren’t on the Quorum shuttle, when they said you’d taken off back to the city...”

“I couldn’t leave Peter there...” Nathan shot back, almost accusingly.

“No. You did the right thing son. And if I’d been able to I would’ve...”

“Well, can’t be saving the human race and your sons at the same time...” Nathan said coolly.

“Nathan. Stop it.” Peter finally spoke. “We understand, Dad. Is Lee here?”

“He’s off on patrol, but he’s here. And he’ll be very glad to see you. He...wasn’t happy that I hadn’t sent a search party back for you. He offered to go himself, but he’s needed here.”

“Well, at least someone was worried...”

William Adama turned and looked at his oldest son. “You know I was worried, Nathan.” His voice was angry. “Our whole frakkin’ civilization just got destroyed; excuse me if I had to put someone other than my sons first.”

“It’s not like we’re not used to it. I should probably thank you. Knowing we were on our own helped us to get ourselves off the planet. If we’d waited for you, we’d still be there.” Nathan replied, his tone frosty.

“Ensign.” The Commander raised his voice, never taking his eyes from his son’s.

“Yes, sir!”

“Take Representative Adama and Doctor Adama to their quarters. I have to get back to the CIC.”
Adama hugged Peter again. “Doc Cottle will be glad to have you here to help as soon as you’re rested.”

“Yes, sir.” Peter smiled.

He walked away and the ensign gestured for the two men to follow him. Once they found their quarters, which were two small bedrooms off of a larger main room, a small bathroom off to the side, Peter closed the door and turned to his big brother.

“Why? You know he felt bad leaving, and that he had other things to worry about!”

“I had other things to worry about too. It’s a good thing you were more important to me than my own life or the frakkin’ Council.” Nathan snapped.

Peter didn’t say anything. He was grateful, deep down, that Nathan had come for him. He’d known he would, though. Somehow, he always knew that his big brother would come for him when there was danger. Lee had been that way about Zak. Maybe it was because Lee and Zak had been pilots and Nathan and Peter had stayed civilians. Or maybe it was because Nathan and Lee fought tooth and nail about anything and everything since they were old enough to talk.
Lee had been their father’s favourite because he at least shared the old man’s love of flying. Nathan wanted nothing to do with the Colonial Fleet, instead deciding to become a lawyer then go into politics. The boys’ estranged father had been incensed when Nathan became a politician, calling him a ‘self-serving liar, just like the rest of them’.”

Nathan was their mother’s favourite, and Carolanne made sure that William knew it. Much of who he was had been her influence, but it was their grandfather and more often, their great-uncle Sam who had guided him. The two men had spent a lot of time with William’s eldest son, especially after William and Carolanne’s divorce. Nathan had always been a very quick learner and his cold, often emotionless manner; he’d gotten from his grandfather. His lack of compassion, or regard for the rules he’d gotten from his uncle.

Peter often felt bad that his brothers fought so much. Zak and he just stayed out of it. No one wanted to get in the way of Nathan and Lee when they got going. Only one man had dared. Once, during a family dinner, when Nathan was 26 and Lee was 18 they’d gotten in a huge argument about corrupt government and the Colonial Fleet’s usefulness. They’d stood up at the table, ignoring their mother’s entreaties and began shouting at each other. No one could get Nathan going the way Lee did, suddenly Joseph Adama’s strong, quiet voice broke in. “Nathan! Leland! You are showing your mother great disrespect, stop this immediately.”

Both men had apologized to their mother and sat down, and Joseph hadn’t said another word.

Peter, while loving his grandfather and father greatly, had feared them also. Nathan and Lee hadn’t, and when he was older, though Joseph had passed away by then, Zak had a very strong relationship with his father.
Nathan knew he needed a shower. He hadn’t since the morning of the Fall and he was grungy and needed to shave.

He looked at Peter. “Let’s shower. Then we’ll eat and you can go to the sickbay and I’ll see who’s left of the Council.”

Peter nodded and they entered the small bathroom. The Galactica would be on water rationing soon, if they weren’t already, it would be more prudent to shower at the same time, but this shower was going to be a tight fit. Once they were both inside and the water was on, Peter washed his hair, then passed the shampoo to Nathan, who, being a little vainer than Peter, washed his hair twice, then once he’d rinsed the soap from his eyes, he lathered up his hands and began washing Peter’s back, his strong hand massaging the slight shoulders. Peter’s body relaxed then as Nathan’s hands began to slide down his body, he tensed. “Nathan...” he protested weakly as his brother’s hands slid to fondle Peter’s stiffening organ.

“I thought I’d lost you...I was so afraid...I’d rather die than be without you.” Nathan said softly in his ear as he nibbled at it.

His lips moved to Peter’s neck and slowly Peter leaned back against him, letting his older brother play with his body until Nathan pushed his legs apart and pressed him up against the wall of the shower, entering him slowly.
It had been a long time. Months. Since Nathan had become involved with his mystery man. When Nathan had someone new, he stayed away. But eventually he always came back. There was something in him that craved his brother’s body.

Craved Peter’s touch.

Peter never questioned it, because he felt the same. Except that unlike Nathan, he had no one else. He had Nathan, and that was all. So when his brother was off with his newest conquest, Peter was alone. Usually it didn’t last long; but this last one had and Peter had become convinced Nathan was gone for good. But now, as he pushed back, meeting his brother’s thrusts as his body was penetrated deep by Nathan’s thick cock, he moaned deep in his throat and felt his body shaking. He’d needed this release for so long.

“Nathan...” he whimpered. Nathan began thrusting harder, his hand dropping to reach around and stroke Peter in time to his thrusts. He began to speed up and brought his hand back up to grasp Peter’s hips so he could hold him steady.

“Do it...” he ordered his brother. “I want to feel you do it...”

Peter’s panting breaths as he began to work himself increased and he leaned forward, watching as his hand slid up and down his shaft faster and faster. His body began to tense and Nathan moved over his prostate again and again.

“Now....” Nathan told him.

And that was all it took. Peter cried out and his body clenched around Nathan as he sprayed the side of the shower.
Nathan felt Peter’s orgasm and moaned, pushing up inside him one last time and then he held him there, not letting him pull away as he filled his brother with his seed. Peter’s hands were trying to hold onto the walls, but he sagged a bit and slowly Nathan pulled out and turned Peter to face him. He bent his head and kissed the soft mouth as Peter’s hands wrapped around his neck, holding onto him tight.

Peter’s eyelashes were wet and he looked up at Nathan with love. “I knew you would come for me...” he admitted.

“I love you, Pete.”

“I love you too, Nathan.”

Nathan’s smile was soft, unlike the predatory one he usually had. He brushed the hair from Peter’s eyes and kissed his mouth again, then turned the water off and opened the door. He handed Peter a towel and got one for himself. He’d just finished drying off when there was a chime at the door.
He slid into a robe he found and opened the door. Lee bounced in. He hugged Nathan, then turned and grabbed Peter, hugging him and swinging him around. “Thank the Lords, I thought you two were... and I wanted to come back but the old man...” he sputtered.

Peter smiled. “We heard the whole story. Thank you, Lee.”

Lee Adama grinned at Nathan. “The Old Man was pretty abrupt when he called me. I’m guessing you pissed him off?”

“Just told the truth, if he can’t take it that’s too bad.” Nathan commented.

“What are you two going to do now?” Lee asked, sitting down with Peter on the couch.

“I’m going to go help Doc Cottle in the sickbay.” Peter answered. “Nathan’s going to go find his Council.”

“They’re all dead.” Lee said quietly. “Their shuttle was destroyed leaving Caprica.”

Nathan turned. “What?” he asked incredulously.

“They’re all gone, Nathan. Dad thought you were on that shuttle too, then we got word that you’d gone back to find Peter. I was never so grateful for your stubborn loyalty in my life.” Lee admitted.

“So I’m it?”

“You’re it. I think there are some minor dignitaries still on a couple of the ships but for actual government officials, it’s you.” Lee told him.

Nathan was quiet but his mind was already going over the possibilities. “I see.”

He looked at his younger brothers and smiled. “I have to go speak to some people. I’ll be back in a bit.”

He left and Lee looked at Peter sideways. “Do we even want to know what he’s thinking?”

“I doubt it.” Peter answered.

Lee got up. “Come on, I’ll take you to sickbay.”

Peter nodded and got up, wincing a bit as he did. It had been awhile and he was a little sore now. He didn’t see Lee noticing, or the dark look that flooded his brother’s face briefly. “Okay, let’s go.” He said, grabbing his kit.


Lee left Peter with a very grateful Doc Cottle and went to catch some sleep. When he awoke he headed to the officer’s mess to grab something to eat. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace sat down across from him, pushing her blond hair back a bit.

“So I hear your brothers are alive and well?” she said with a smile.

“Yes.” Lee answered briefly. She frowned a bit. “Well, don’t be so frakkin’ happy about it, Lee.”

"I am happy, it’s just...nothing.”

“What’s going on?” Karl “Helo” Agathon joined them.

“Lee’s brothers just got here, and he’s not as thrilled they survived as you would think...” Starbuck answered.

Lee flushed. “I told you. Of course I’m glad they’re alive. I wanted to go back for them...but Nathan...”

“What about Nathan?” Karl asked in a strange voice.

“He’s plotting something, already. I can tell. I just don’t know what.” Lee answered.

“He’s your brother, Lee.” Starbuck reminded him.

“I know, but I know Nathan. He’s...a politician, and he and the Old Man already butted heads.” Lee said shaking his head.

There was a chime and the comm. system began broadcasting.

“Today, as we flee our enemies and look for a new start we have reason to be thankful. We have found a man to lead us and he has graciously agreed to take over the Presidency of the Colonies as our sole Council survivor. In this time of trouble, we are fortunate indeed to have someone strong leading us forward. Please join me in welcoming our new President... Nathan Adama!”

There were cheers and Nathan’s voice came over the system, confident and charming. “Thank you. It is with a heavy heart that I take up this mantle that you have offered me. I grieve with you for the loss of our loved ones and the loss of our homes. Together, we will find another home, and we will prove to the Cylons that we cannot be vanquished, that we cannot be stopped.”

There were more cheers and Lee turned to look at the vid screen. Nathan was smiling and waving and Lee looked at Starbuck. “See what I mean?” he said tightly.

Helo was looking at the screen thoughtfully. “If he’s the only one left, why shouldn’t he lead?” he asked quietly.

“Because Nathan...is selfish. He looks out for himself first.”

“He’s a politician. He has to look out for himself first.” Helo replied in the same tone. “He’s still your father’s son...who else better to lead us?”

“He’s my mother’s son too, and he was raised by my grandfather and my uncle.” Lee corrected. “But...better the evil you know, I guess.”

He rose and went looking for his father.

He found him in his quarters, frowning at a drink with Saul Tigh.

“You heard?” Lee asked.

“Your big brother didn’t waste much time, did he?” William Adama’s best friend and second in command asked with a harsh laugh.

“No, he didn’t.” Lee answered still looking at his father.

“Where’s Peter?” Adama asked quietly.

“Sickbay. He had nothing to do with this.” Lee told him.

“I didn’t think he did. Nathan does things alone. He’s smart that way. Like a criminal, he knows how to hide his tracks.”

“Or a politician.” Lee corrected.

“What’s the frakkin’ difference?” Adama snapped.

“Sir, maybe having Nathan as head of the government will be a good thing, this way, we have an ‘in’. You know how Nathan works. You understand him.” Lee said suddenly.

“I will never understand my first born; and knowing how he works just makes me sick knowing he’s going to be running the government. Nothing we can do about it though. He’s got enough support that we’ll never get him out of power. But he’s on his way here, to meet with me and to discuss who’s in charge. He’s not going to like the outcome of that!”

Lee nodded and left. His father controlled the military, and as such had the power. Nathan would know that though, and would have his own arguments ready. No one raised by Joseph Adama was a fool.

Nathan was striding through the corridors of the Galactica, shaking hands with people, smiling, reassuring. He paused by the pilot’s quarters and his eyes fell on the tall, muscular frame of the man standing in the back of the crowd. He froze for a brief moment, then moved into the room. He shook the other pilots’ hands and then looked up and reached his hand out.

“Lieutenant.” Nathan smiled disarmingly.

“Mr. President. Congratulations.”

“Walk with me. There are some things I’d like to discuss with someone from the military.” Nathan told him.

“I’m due on shift.” Agathon replied coolly. “Another time.”

“Whenever you can fit me in, of course.” Nathan said smoothly. “Can’t be getting in the way of one’s duty.”

“Sir.” Agathon inclined his head and walked away. Nathan watched him, an amused smile on his face.

“Over my dead frakkin’ body!” Adama shouted at his eldest son.

“Why are you being so obstinate?” Nathan asked quietly. “You know I’m right. The military has absolutely no authority over the civilian population. We are dependent on you for protection, but we were on the Colonies as well. This is not a dictatorship, father. This is a democracy. And I lead the civilian population. The military serves the civilian population. It’s a simple conclusion.”

“You will NOT be in command of my military personnel! I’ll take them and leave you here with your frakkin’ civilians if you force my hand, Nathan. We are at war, you self-serving, arrogant...”

“Father, you’re not going to leave us here, give me a break.” Nathan waved him off. “You need me, just as much as I need the military. Who else should be President?”

“No one. We don’t need a government, not right now.”

“Really.” Nathan’s tone was flat. “Just let your warriors run the show? While they’re flying out there, protecting us, and mourning their lost loved ones? Face it. It’s too much for them to do. But I can. The civilians will rebel, Father. And you don’t need to be fighting off two enemies at once.”

“Is that a threat, Nathan?” Adama’s tone was dark and angry.

“Hardly, I’m just stating the obvious.” His son answered.
Adama looked at him, at the dark eyes that were so like his own, yet so different. He could see Sam Adama looking back at him.

“Get off my ship, Nathan.”

“I already had my things moved to the new Colonial One. One of my people graciously donated their yacht to serve as my ship.” Nathan told him. “I need to be taken there though. Perhaps a raptor?”

“I’ll have one waiting for you.” Adama snapped.

“Should I take Peter with me?”

“No. He’s needed here.”

Nathan inclined his head. “Father.” And walked out.

Adama threw a glass after him then shook his head. Waste of good brandy.
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