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I'm back to work tomorrow, which makes me a bit sad...LOL. I was having such a good time sleeping, and watching t.v.

Things I did on my week off, such as it was, I did work at Sbux a few times...

1. Watched S1 and S2 of Heroes...I'm all caught up and have to say that I like Peter in S1. He's dumb but he's sweet and his relationship with Nathan is so lovely....mmmm...*dreams of Petrellicest, then shakes head and clears throat...where was I? Oh, yeah, Peter....as opposed to now where he's dumb and obnoxious...LOL

I don't like Claire anymore than I did before. I do like Bennet more, and I LOVE the Haitian more, if possible. Nathan was so...hilariously brutal to Peter in S1 I was cringing everytime he opened his mouth, but I do love my Nathan so...we'll just overlook is more self-serving actions...

Sylan is amusing, and though my son worships him, I don't like Hiro, but I do like Ando so it's okay. Mohinder is pretty and I could listen to him talk all day.

2. Broke the passenger window in my car somehow...it fell off the track inside the door or something. I'll go get it checked this week too. Good thing I've got a warranty.

3. Went to the UFC fights last night. I was supposed to go to the GALA dance but I was so tired by the time they all went I just jammed and watched CSI: Miami instead. The fights weren't great, but next time I'll go earlier and see all of them instead of the last 2. And I'll hope that the first person I walk into when I get there isn't my very drunk ex-boyfriend who had to get hauled away from me by his buddy. Thank goodness. My heart just about stopped when I saw him, it was a definite fight or flight moment. LOL Asshat.

My friend Sara summed it up pretty well for me today. "I'm sorry, you've been inside me and now you must cease to exist."


4. Saw "Fast and Furious" with Sheri on Thursday. It was very entertaining. I know Vin can't act, but he looks good and  that's all he really has to do in this movie. It's not like it's a big dramatic part or anything. And it was nice to see him and Paul Walker doing what they do best.

5. Rajiv bought me a Coach purse down in Vegas. I won't say how much it was, even though it came from the outlet store...let's just say that it cost me a hoodie and a bike I was planning to get...LOL

6. Made it through Lent...and Easter. LOL

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, I just hope that everyone is in better spirits than before we started holidays. I should probably go to bed now...can't be sleeping in til 8 tomorrow. Hee hee.

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